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COVID-19 Info

Help Our Homeless Neighbors Impacted By COVID-19

Dear Friends,

    This is one of the most important letters I’ve written in the 5 years I’ve been Executive Director at your EUMA.  Amid this COVID-19 crisis, our homeless neighbors are facing unique and unprecedented challenges. Our decisions on how to respond – how to care for those who are homeless in our community AND facing COVID-19 while homeless – could not be more important. 

    That’s why I need your help. Please give today to help our neighbors facing homelessness and now, COVID-19 as well.

    Know your EUMA is built on a solid rock. You – by the way you pray, give and engage with us – have built it. And on that firm foundation we remain committed to responding to the emerging needs in our community. Even in these uncertain times - that commitment has not changed. 

    Your EUMA is already responding as needs arise by: 

* Investing in the placement of portable toilets so our homeless neighbors have a place to go to the restroom; 

* Opening a homeless quarantine location where homeless neighbors can go to receive care and not infect others; 

* Providing the coats, hats, shoes, clothes and household items to those in need through EUMA’s voucher program; and by

* Distributing cleaning supplies, toiletries and other essential items to newly housed families with children, Veterans and others. 

    These opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus are only possible through the support you have given and the support I am asking you to give today. Our homeless families with children, Veterans, youth and others need you!  

    Here are program and staffing details we would like you to know:

* EUMA’s Rainbow Connection Thrift Store is closing to the public until further notice. EUMA’s loss in revenue from the closing is $325…each day.  

* As I write you, there are 9 families at EUMA’s The Refuge emergency shelter for homeless families – including 17 children ranging in age from 2 months to 14 years old. Added food costs, supplies and staffing to care for them adds up – approximately $75/day more. 

* Tonight, 10 Veteran men will shelter at EUMA’s Liberty House. We are taking extra measures to keep them safe and staying on a pathway to permanent housing – a $48/day investment.

* EUMA’s Healthcare for the Homeless team of Faith Community Nurses are working overtime educating unsheltered homeless individuals in our community.

* And with shelters full and sheltering-in-place, where does the single Mom with severe mental illness and 9 year old twin boys go to protect themselves from both the cold and COVID-19? With your help, we are able to temporarily house them in a motel until shelter space opens at a cost of $65/night. 

    I love the old hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.” A neighbor used to sing this when she was feeling anxious. I find myself doing that more, too. Just this morning, I heard myself singing the second verse after hearing from a colleague about the fears shared by those in our shelters - about lost job opportunities and questions whether they will ever get a new house. 

    I can honestly say to them and to you, “When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace; In every high and stormy gale, My anchor holds within the veil!” 

    Thanks to you, EUMA is built on solid ground. When you give to EUMA, you are giving us the power to lift people out of the sinking sand of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and hopelessness.
    Your investment in EUMA today is an investment in the future – one that is built on solid ground – one that has moved people from homelessness to HOME – from hopelessness to HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. 

Warm Regards,

Kurt B. Crays, MDiv.
Executive Director

Please give today to help our neighbors facing homelessness and now, COVID-19 as well. Click the Donate button to respond to "EUMA’s COVID-19 Homeless Response"!

Our Impact This Year

  • Adults and children sheltered


  • Bed nights provided by Our Neighbors' Place


  • Veterans exiting to permanent housing


  • People rapidly re-housed


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