Rapid Re-Housing

EUMA's RRH resources are primarily targeted for chronically homeless families with children, youth and single females. All people must be able to verify homelessness and complete an assessment to determine eligibility. NOTE: while we can serve single men, we are not prioritizing this population. Most single men will be referred to our community partner at Erie City Mission.

 For those who qualify, RRH resources include:

  • First Month's Rent
  • Deposit
  • Short Rental Subsidy (1-3 months)
  • Medium Rental Subsidy (3-6 months)
  • Other financial supports IF the need is preventing the client from getting permanent including, but not limited to:
    • Moving support;
    • PA ID, Birth Certificate;
  • Case management services that include:
    • Weekly in home check-in following permanent housing placement for 1 month;
    • Monthly in home and/or check-in following permanent housing placement during months 2-12 all to ensure the client remains permanently and stably housed;
    • Referrals to needed services that will aid in the client's permanent housing placement with emphasis on increased household income, mental and physical health services and children services.

To inquire about Rapid Re-Housing, please contact our staff at The Refuge, 814-454-6088.


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