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HMIS-Erie, Erie County's Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) exists to provide a centralized database for collecting data from housing and service providers in order to understand homelessness and poverty issues in Erie County.  The use of HMIS, adapted to Erie County through EUMA and the Erie County Department of Health and Human Services in 2005, has enabled us to look at the characteristics of homelessness in an objective way while assisting agencies that provide services to homeless individuals.

As Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grantees, agencies in Erie County are required to collect data on homeless individuals and individuals served by those grants. This Continuum of Care (CoC) uses a web-based software distributed by Bowman Systems Inc., called ServicePoint. This software is client-based that allows agencies to input data in a secure environment to provide unduplicated counts, demographics and trends of the homeless population in Erie County.

Who we serve:
• Homeless provider agencies
• Homeless population of Erie County

How we serve:
• Unduplicated homeless count
• Identify causes of homelessness and typical characteristics of homelessness in Erie County
• Improve capacity to serve client by coordination of care between agencies
• Use data to inform partner Agencies and community interests
• Streamline data collection and reporting for governmental agencies
• Identify gaps in services
• Use HMIS-Erie data to drive local program policy and design
• Better understanding of homeless and poverty issues
• Annual Progress Report (APR) generation
• Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR) generation


client assessments

  •  HUD Coc and ESG SO, ES, SH Project Types Intake Assessment for Adults 18 and over -  Download | View
  •  HUD Coc and ESG All Project Types Intake Assessment for Adults 18 and over -  Download | View
  •  CoC and ESG Intake Assessment w/ ROI - Child v3 -  Download | View
  •  CoC and ESG Client Update -  Download | View
  •  CoC and ESG Exit Assessment -  Download | View
  •  PATH Intake Assessment with ROI v2 -  Download | View
  •  PATH Client Update -  Download | View
  •  PATH Exit Assessment -  Download | View

Coordinated Entry and Assessment

  •  Coordinated Assessment Meeting Agenda and VI-SPDAT Script_11 16 2015 -  Download | View
  •  HMIS-ERIE_VI-SPDAT -  Download | View


  •  Adding Services to a Client Record -  Download
  •  Adding new household members to an entry in ServicePoint -  Download

agency forms

  •  HMIS-ERIE Release of Information – General -  Download
  •  HMIS - ERIE User Deactivation -  Download | View
  •  HMIS - ERIE Provider Form -  Download | View
  •  HMIS - ERIE Delete Request Form -  Download | View


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