Veterans Day 2017 - David's Story of Second Chances

Veterans Day 2017 - David's Story of Second Chances

    “I blew it!”  One time or another – we’ve all said this.  Big or small – we all make mistakes.  We’ve all wished… maybe even prayed for a second chance.

    When I heard David’s story I was reminded, once again, that we serve a God of second chances… one who never gives up on us… and we are called to offer that same grace to one another.

    David’s story is one of second chances…

    David joined the Army when he was 23 years old and served our country faithfully for six years.  He served in the air defense artillery as a Patriot missile crew member. He was deployed in the Middle East three times.

    After being honorably discharged, David moved back to Northwest PA – his life was in a 
downward spiral…addicted to drugs, evicted from his apartment…alone and scared… .

    He came up to Erie because there wasn’t anywhere for him to go in his small, rural town.  For 4 months David spent time in and out of Erie homeless shelters, before being welcomed at Liberty House.

    Unfortunately -- David was only at Liberty House for a month before he left.

    He began living on the streets. He didn’t even try going to the shelters this time. One day, after a month had gone by and still homeless, David called Stephen, the Liberty House Program Supervisor.

    Stephen remembers, “We had a real conversation. He shared with me and he took ownership of what he was doing.” 

    Stephen said, “I sensed David was ready to try again. The Holy Spirit prompted me to say, ‘David, do you want a second chance? How would you feel about coming back to Liberty House?’ ”

    Friends, David is a shining example of what happens when we offer second chances!

    “I’m thankful for Liberty House,” says David.  “I’m grateful to have a second chance – 30 years of chemicals got me nowhere. It was time to surrender.”

    “David’s hopeful,” says Stephen. “He’s on the road to being independent. He is standing true to his potential – he sees what life looks like without homelessness and drugs.” 

    When David was asked -- “What’s one of the best things about Liberty House?” He replied, 
“The whole thing is good – they help us get back on our feet – back to a normal life.”

    It’s been 9 weeks – David is clean and sober. He recently started a new job and is looking 
forward to finding a permanent home of his own.

    Friends, offering second chances does not come cheap, but it is worth the investment!

    This Veteran’s Day, please help one of the 35 homeless Veterans we expect to serve over the next 12 months. 

    Please give the gift of food, shelter and supportive services at Liberty House for ½ day at $22.90, full day at $45.79, one week at $320.53, one month at $1,282.12, or whatever you can to give a local hero a second chance! Click the donate button at the top of the page to give today!

    May God bless you as you have blessed so many of our neighbors in need! 

* While the story is true, the name and photo has been changed to protect our client's privacy. 

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